International Financing

If your company is looking to acquire medical equipment that is made in the United States you will not find lower rates or longer terms anywhere.

We work with the Export Import Bank that allows us to offer terms up to 7 years on medical equipment. Interest rates vary slightly depending on the country you are in; however, most companies will qualify for very competitive interest rates.

BSC Funding will work with you to obtain the necessary documentation to expedite the entire process from application to funding. You will work with our team of experts that have extensive knowledge in international finance. We do all the work so you can do what you do best-provide quality health care to your patients.

Highlights of the Program:
  1. Total cost can include 100% of the equipment cost with an additional 30% of the equipment cost for freight, installations, etc. (Example: $1.0 million for equipment, an additional $300,000 can be included for freight, installation, etc. for a total of $1.3 million)
  2. Client pays a 15% down payment and the balance of 85% can be financed up to 7 years. If client pays the installation costs, then typically can finance 100% of the equipment cost and freight.
  3. Payments are semi-annually with first payment due 6 months after installation of equipment allowing for the equipment to begin generating revenue before payments are required.

If you are an international client and need help locating the right medical equipment for your needs, we can help you locate and acquire all types of medical equipment at excellent prices. We will handle the entire process from locating the equipment to shipping to your location anywhere in the world.

If you are a vendor and are looking to market your equipment to international clients, please contact us. Let us show you how are financing program can increase your sales. We also have an extensive data base of potential clients for your equipment.